If you can read this, you have certainly had a respiratory illness of some sort one or more times in your life so far. It could have been the common cold, flu (influenza), covid-19, pneumonia, a cough, sinus congestion, or nasal congestion. I have had almost all these so far. I suffered so much before I came up with this regimen. This regime prevented me from getting sick when I acted fast with even the slightest symptoms. And if the symptoms turned into an illness, this regimen significantly reduced my symptoms. The key to this regimen is immediate implementation, even with the slightest respiratory symptoms.

I apply this regimen daily. It strengthens the immune system to prevent respiratory illness and reduces the severity of symptoms if you ever fall ill/ sick.

TOOLS: You need the following devices: A knife, lemon/ lime squeezer, water glass, strainer, spoon, cutting board, and diffuser.
REMEDIES: You will need the following foods/ remedies: ginger root, lemon or lime, raw garlic, honey, tooth oil, and essential oils of your preference.
STEP 1: Obtain your tools and remedies.
STEP 2: Get a clove of garlic and a piece of ginger root about the size of a garlic clove. Cut both up into small pieces that you can swallow.

STEP 3: Cut the lemon or lime into two halves that can fit into the lemon/ lime squeezer. Using the lemon/ lime squeezer, squeeze the juice out of the lemon/ lime into the glass. Add a tablespoon of raw honey and stir with a spoon to mix the honey with the lemon/ lime juice as much as possible. Add your preferred drinkable water to fill up the glass.

STEP 5: Use the lemon/ lime + honey juice you just made to swallow the pieces of raw garlic and raw ginger root.
STEP 6: Because garlic may tend to give you a garlic breath, mixing it with the ginger root pieces before putting them into your mouth somewhat neutralizes the garlic smell. Swallowing chunks of raw garlic reduces the garlic odor much more than blending the raw garlic with the juice.
You may take a further step to rectify your breath this way: In an empty water glass, add about two ounces of water, add one to two drops of tooth oil, mix well, swoosh, gurgle, and spit. Doing it this way saves you from chewing gum to rectify your breath.

STEP 7: Add clean or distilled water to the diffuser to the manufacturer-recommended level. Add any of your preferred essential oils and diffuse them into your sleeping space while you are asleep or in your living area at any time. The diffusion of essential oil-water particles in the air opens your airways for better and easier breathing and excellent sleep.

This regimen is certainly not medical advice. However, the information here is beneficial in assisting you in preventing or reducing respiratory symptoms if applied correctly and promptly. Using this regimen two to three times a day is undoubtedly extremely helpful. Enjoy!

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