Guitar learning and playing is certainly a lot of fun. The more you learn, the more enjoyable it becomes. Deciding which guitar to purchase for your first guitar and what accessories you need can be confusing. All you need is a guitar and some way to tune it. It does not matter if the guitar is new, used, cheap, or expensive.

In this article, I share my experience on what I have learned for a first guitar and accessories. You need just two items: the guitar and a tuner of some sort. You can get the rest of the accessories later as you need them or as you see fit. Start playing as soon as possible.

My first guitar was an old, used guitar that I purchased for about $ 35. I bought a $ 10 blow tuner with it, and it was an excellent old guitar that worked so well for a couple of years. When I was sure I wanted to continue learning and playing guitar, I rewarded myself with a $ 225 guitar.

Here are some guitar and accessory suggestions. My favorite is the classical guitar for its wide neck and softness of the strings. If you are purchasing the guitar for a child, be sure to buy the right size for the child’s body size/ age. Have some way to tune your guitar, of which the electronic tuner is the easiest to use and most accurate. Always have an extra set of strings as strings can break any time without warning. Have a tool kit for maintaining your guitar as needed. And enjoy learning and playing guitar.

I hope these suggestions helped ease your decision on your first guitar and accessories. Enjoy learning and playing guitar.

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