Have your vehicle’s tires ever run out of enough pressure in the middle of nowhere? Have you every come to a flat tire after getting off work but did not have a tire inflator and the next gas station was several blocks away? Or have you ever forgotten the lights on and found your battery all drained that you could not start your vehicle yet there was no one to help you jump start your vehicle? Have you ever had any spills in your vehicle but did not have anything to wipe it/ them off with? Has your vehicle ever had a loose but important bolt that you could tighten yourself, but you did not possess even a simple wrench or screwdriver? Has your vehicle ever needed a simple fix on a Sunday when your mechanic was off, you watch a youtube video and notice that you can do it yourself with very basic tools but you didn’t have any of those tools?

If your answer to any of the above questions is a “yes”, seriously consider purchasing the accessories and tools recommended here. You will be able to save yourself from certain unexpected vehicle situations. Also, you may be able to save on auto repair costs by performing a few simple fixes on your own. Additionally, keeping your vehicle clean will be at your fingertips. Let’s get to it.

TIRE PRESSURE: At times, it is essential to check the pressure of your vehicle’s tires and pump them up as needed. Optimal tire pressure gives you better gas mileage and optimizes the life of the tires. And if you ever get in a situation where one of your tires gets a controllable puncture, with your own mini air compressor, you will be ready for this type of emergency.

JUMP STARTER: You will be so glad you bought and kept a jump starter when someday your battery dies on you for any reason. At the least, you should always have a jumper cable.

BASIC TOOLS: Even though some may be afraid of doing any auto repairs but leave everything to the mechanic, there may be minor repairs that anyone can do on his/her own. Such may be simple things like tightening a loose nut or bolt. Also, most mechanics do not work on Sunday. If something minor breaks down on your vehicle when your mechanic is off, you may get inspired to do it yourself by following a YouTube video or repair manual and using your own basic tools.

PHONE MOUNT: More and more States are adopting hands free driving. A phone mount is certainly way less expensive than a traffic violation ticket. Plus, you and your riders will feel much safer when your phone is always secured in a safer position for you to keep your eyes on the road and hands on the steering as you follow the navigation/ GPS directions on your phone or even answer and make phone calls. These phone mounts are by far the best, as they hold any kind of phone securely and can be adjusted to several positions.

CHARGER: I find it very nice and convenient to be able to charge my phone/ smartphone and other devices while I drive. Our chosen charger here offers you two USB outlets – one for charging your phone and the other for charging your other riders’ phone and/or other devices.

PHONE CHARGING CABLE: With the charging cable, you can charge your phone on the go so your phone never runs out of power. Since this pack has two cables, you can set the second one up for your passengers (family/ friends) to charge their phones and/or other devices on the go as well.

SQUEEGEE: On some days, there may be rain, or the windows may be fogged up to reduced visibility. With a squeegee, you can wipe off the fog or water so you can drive with adequate visibility.

DEODORIZER: You will certainly enjoy driving a nice-smelling vehicle. I highly recommend that you never use a strong-scented deodorizer, though. The best is to keep the scent of your vehicle as neutral as possible to accommodate the desires of as many as ever ride in or drive it. I find the eucalyptus + wild mint smell pleasant, neutral and long lasting.

INTERIOR CLEANING: I really enjoy driving a clean vehicle and I am sure a lot of people do. It is sometimes hard to keep up with the cleanliness, though. With the cleaning tools and products at hand, keeping your vehicle clean can be quick and easy. Use the soft detailing brush to dust between the vents and around and between buttons. Use the vacuum cleaner to keep the floors/carpet and seats vacuumed and dust free. Use the microfiber towels and multi-purpose cleaner to clean any accidental spills, stains or as you see fit. And have a couple of plastic bags for any garbage or other storage purposes.

LEATHER SEATS/ SURFACES: If your vehicle has leather seats or any other leather surfaces, using the right product(S) to clean them is essential for their longevity and optimal cleanliness. This leather product is excellent for that. It will help you clean those leather seats and/ leather surfaces in a very limited amount of time and give your vehicle a touch of the smell of new leather.

WINDOWS/ GLASS: When I choose to clean my vehicle’s windows and mirrors, I enjoy cleaning them to the point that they are so clean that they are almost invisible. This product will get you just that in a few quick and ease wiping motions.

EXTERIOR CLEANING: If the vehicle is not excessively dirty, all you will need is the waterless spray-on-and-wipe quick detailer. This makes your vehicle’s exterior water repellant and shiny for the next couple of days. I usually do this in two stages: 1. Quickly wipe the entire exterior to get rid of any loose dirt/ dust; 2. Spray on the detailer (about one spray per square foot) and immediately wipe off for that final clean shine. I complete sections of about 2 square feet at a time. Don’t spray too much on there as that will create more work for you wiping it off.

DASH CAMERA: For when you take those trips just by yourself or with family and friends, you may find it excellent to capture certain moments as you drive. In those instances, a dash cam will be very handy.

SNOW/ICE EMERGENCIES: If you live in a region that gets winters, you may have to prepare for brushing snow and/ ice off your vehicle or dig your vehicle out of snow. In such instances, a foldable snow shovel and snow brush/ ice scrapper come in very handy.

APPS: Be sure to have the following basic apps on your smartphone: Waze (best navigation app that gives you the fastest route given the current traffic and other road-related conditions), Google Maps (back-up navigation app for where Waze may fail), Pandora (for music), Radio FM (FM radio stations all over the world – as a backup to Pandora), Uber Rider and Lyft Rider (just in case a day comes when you don’t feel like driving your vehicle but need a ride somewhere, or when you know you will have a sufficient amount of alcohol to exceed the legal limit for driving). An excellent but affordable smartphone with its accessories is always nice to have. Click here for some recommendations if you are considering purchasing a smartphone: Smartphones compatible with Uber driver and Lyft driver apps.

EXTRA: Here are some extra accessories:

You are now ready to enjoy your vehicle with the peace of mind that you can handle many emergencies, keep your vehicle clean and in a great mechanical condition and drive safely. Enjoy your vehicle.

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