When you spend so much on a smartphone, you want to be able to use it on any network. In other words, it is very convenient to be able to just switch SIM cards and carriers. And if you travel internationally, it is wonderful to just buy and switch to a new SIM card to one of the networks in the country you travel to as that is much cheaper than international roaming. These unlocked smartphones offer you the freedom to use you phone on any GSM network in the world at the minimum. To oversimplify the meaning of GSM, it refers to a network or cellphone carrier that uses a SIM card.

UNIVERSAL ACCESSORIES: Let’s look at accessories that are universal to all smartphones. These include: a charger, Bluetooth earphone with a built-in microphone, and a car phone mount.
CHARGER: The provision to adapt the phone charger to any outlet in the world comes in handy for international travelers for business, vacation, family visits, etc. The following charger is excellent for including adaptors for all outlets.

It nice to be able to charge your phone on-the-go as you drive. Here is a charger you can use in your vehicle:

CHARGING CABLES: You will need cables to go with the charger. This cable is wonderful for the fact that it can charge several phones with different connections. This cable comes in a pair, for which you may use one for charging in the vehicle and the other in the house or for travel.

BLUETOOTH: The new thing nowadays is connecting smartphones to audio devices, speakers and/ microphones wirelessly via Bluetooth. Here is an excellent earphone & microphone speaker combination:

If your vehicle stereo is not Bluetooth-capable, you no longer have to spend lots of money installing a new stereo with Bluetooth. You can simply purchase a Bluetooth adaptor to connect through the auxiliary. I have used this in the house too to connect my phone to the radio and/ speakers that are not designed for Bluetooth.

PHONE MOUNT: Several states in the USA prohibit drivers from holding in hand and talking on the phone while driving but will allow hands free talking. Some countries have the same rule too. Besides, it is the safer thing to do. In such instances you will need an excellent phone mount to position your phone in the appropriate position for navigation and other functions before you set out to drive. Here three of the best phone mounts:

SMARTPHONES: Here is our collection of great and affordable smart phones. We are laying them out by price from the lowest to the highest priced. They are all unlocked. For Uber and Lyft drivers, all these phones are compatible with the Uber and Lyft Driver Apps and other related applications. Each phone is paired with its case and screen protector. If you are looking for a phone to use internationally for international travels or to send to a family member and/ friend, you have plenty of choices here.

This is such a comprehensive list. I hope you are able to find your kind of unlocked smartphone in here. Enjoy.

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