Why pay for more than you need for your home, mobile and/ or business phone. Why would you pay for an expensive landline (home/ business phone) when you are already paying for the internet? For ≈ $ 4.00 (four dollars) per month you can have excellent home/ business/ mobile phone services connecting through the internet (Ethernet, Wi-Fi or cellphone data). Don’t be fooled by the bundling from the TV cable companies. You can use this telephone service any time you have internet connection of any kind. Via the MagicApp, you can use it on your mobile phone for unlimited calls and text messages. Switch now.

Here is what you will need:
1. MAGICJACKGO: This is the main part of this system. It enables connection via a computer and/ or landline. After the set up on the computer is complete, access via a mobile phone can be enabled through the MagicApp.

2. CORDLESS PHONE SYSTEM: If you wish to use it as an office phone system, here is an excellent and affordable cordless phone system that you can use in the different rooms/ spots/ offices of your business. The same system can be used at home for the different rooms.

3. CELLPHONE: To connect this phone system to your smartphone, complete the setup on a computer (desktop or laptop), download the MagicAppp onto your phone, and then log into the MagicApp. You can now enjoy unlimited calling and texting. If you choose to, you can simultaneously set up your home/ business phone system with your mobile phone, which means both will ring when a call comes through, which is nice for when you are out of the office but would like to answer your business calls as they come in. Here are some smartphone recommendations:

4. COMPUTER: You will need a computer (laptop or desktop) to set up this telephone system. If you already have a computer, you are all set unless you wish to switch to a different or better computer. Here are some computer recommendations:

You can set this system up from any computer. Once the setup is done, you don’t need the computer unless you choose to use the computer for the in and out calls.

This is certainly a great way to save money on your home/ business/ mobile phone. You can set it up as cheaply or as expensively as you wish. This article offered you all the accessories you will need. Again, the system works with internet connection. Any time you are connected to the internet (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or cellular data) you can use this telephone system. Have your voicemail set up so that when someone calls, he/ she can leave you a message when you don’t have internet connection. Have a pleasant experience drastically cutting your home/ business/ mobile phone service bills for the same or better quality of service.

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