It is excellent working for Uber and Lyft as a driver. I enjoy the fact that I can do it at my own time. I can drive only when I have the time, feel up to it or have a need. I use it a lot to pay off my vehicle bills. I usually drive for 1 – 2 hours a day and 4 times a week to get about $50 per day, $200 for the 4 times a week. Over a month, that adds up to about $800 of extra cash. I use this to pay for all my auto/car bills (monthly payment, insurance, gasoline, and savings for miscellaneous repairs). I strongly encourage everyone with a qualifying vehicle to drive for Uber/Lyft for at least the bare minimum. That extra cash can pay off several bills so you don’t have to touch your other income or savings from your other job(s).

I know there are some that are afraid of having other people in their vehicle. If this is the case, don’t drive at night. You can also choose to do only Uber-Eats.

Let’s get right to the accessories. When you choose to sign up, I want you to be successful, get lots of money in the shortest time possible, get tipped big time, and get many 5-star reviews. In addition to great driving, the following accessories, when properly used, will enhance your success.

SIGN: The sign is the first thing you should have as it is required by law. Uber and Lyft give you one you can stick to the window but that can only last for so long. The glowing sign is the new thing and customers are sure to see. Whether you are driving during the day or at night, the glowing sign is the best way to go.

CHARGER: You will need a power source for the sign, smartphone and other devices. Here is an excellent one that will enable you to power the sign and the dashboard camera. It also gives you two USB outlets – one for charging your smartphone and the other for charging your riders’ phone and/or other devices.

PHONE CHARGING CABLE: With the charging cable, you can charge your phone on the go so your phone never runs out of power. Since this pack has two cables, you can set the second one up for your riders to charge their phones and/or other devices.

PHONE MOUNT: Your riders will feel much safer when your phone is always hung in a safer position for you to keep your eyes on the road and hands on the steering. This phone mount is by far the best as it will hold any kind of phone securely and can be adjusted to a several positions.

SQUEEGEE: On some days, there may be rain, or the windows may be foggy reducing visibility. With a squeegee, you can wipe off the fog or water so you can drive with adequate visibility through all windows of your vehicle.

DEODORIZER: It will be excellent for your riders to ride in a nice-smelling vehicle. You should never use a strong-scented deodorizer, though. The best is to keep the scent of your vehicle as neutral as possible to accommodate the desires of your various riders. I find the eucalyptus + wild mint smell pleasant and neutral.

INTERIOR CLEANING: You should never ever give any rides in a dirty car. The interior of your vehicle should be very clean at all times for the comfort of your riders and for great reviews. Use the soft detailing brush to dust between the vents and around and between buttons of electronics. Use the vacuum cleaner to keep the floors/carpet vacuumed and dust free. Use the microfiber towels and multi-purpose cleaner to clean any accidental spills, stains or as you see fit. And have a couple of plastic bags for any garbage or other storage purposes.

LEATHER SEATS/ SURFACES: If your vehicle has leather seats or any leather surfaces, use the 3-in-1 leather cleaner and polisher to clean and polish all at once. Every time I apply this, my riders often comment, “your vehicle smells brand new”. Apply with a microfiber applicator pad or leather brush.

EXTERIOR CLEANING: If the vehicle is not excessively dirty, all you will need is the waterless spray-on-and-wipe quick detailer. This makes your vehicle’s exterior water repellant and shiny for the next couple of days. The ammonia-free window cleaner leaves your windows very clean, streak-free and water repellant.

TIRE PRESSURE: At times, it is essential to check the pressure of your vehicle’s tires and pump them up as needed. Optimal tire pressure gives you better gas mileage and optimizes the life of the tires. Also, if you ever get in a situation where one of your tires gets a controllable puncture, with your own mini air compressor, you will be ready for this type of emergency.

TIP SIGN: After ensuring that your vehicle is clean, has the accessories to enable you drive safely and offer some complimentary service to your riders, you have nearly earned the right to post that tip sign. When choosing a tip sign, choose one that is not greedy in a manner that focuses on just requesting 5-star rating and tips. Your tip sign should be customer service centered by asking the rider(s) to let you know if they need any help from you to have a pleasant ride and then gently slides into requesting for the ratings and tips.

DASH CAMERA: It is quite uncommon that you will land into situations that require you to document and record an event. In case such situations ever happen, you can just pull out your dashcam to record the evidence. Such situations may include: a rider vomiting in your vehicle, a threatening rider, a rider smoking in your vehicle, etc. If anyone ever does these and you present the proof, you may get highly compensated.

JUMP STARTER: Have you ever gone to start your vehicle but realized that the battery was dead because you forgot the lights on, one of the doors did not close properly, or the battery just ran out for some other odd reason; yet where you are there is no one to help you jump start your vehicle? Or sometimes no one may be willing to stop to help you in such a situation. In such situations, possessing your own portable jump starter comes in very handy.

BASIC TOOLS: Even though some may be afraid of doing any auto repairs but just leave all repairs to the mechanic, there may be minor repairs that anyone can do on his/her own. Such may be simple things like tightening a loose nut or bolt. Also, most mechanics do not work on Sunday. If something minor breaks down on your car, you may get inspired to do it yourself by following a YouTube video or repair manual but only if you have your own basic tools.

SNOW/ICE EMERGENCIES: If you live in a region that gets winters, you may have to prepare for situations when you will have to brush or scrap the snow/ ice off your vehicle or dig your vehicle out of snow. In such instances, a foldable snow shovel and snow brush/ ice scrapper come in very handy.

APPS: Be sure to have the following basic apps on your smartphone: Uber Driver (your driver app for Uber), Lyft Driver (your driver app for Lyft), Waze (best navigation app that gives you the fastest route given the current traffic and other road-related conditions), Google Maps (back-up navigation app for where Waze may not be functional), Pandora (for music), Radio FM (FM radio stations all over the world – as a backup to Pandora), Uber Rider (to see where other Uber active vehicle are), and Lyft Rider (to see where other active Lyft vehicles are).

SIGNUP: If you haven’t already signed up, use the following links to sign up to drive for Uber and/ Lyft. Tap into this great money-making opportunity where you get to decide when and how much to work.
Uber Driver signup
Lyft Driver signup
Smartphones compatible with Uber driver and Lyft driver apps.

Have a pleasant time driving for Uber and/ Lyft.

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