This article discusses how to successfully host your vehicle on turo.com with suggestions on what you need to do and the supplies you need. Turo.com is a platform for sharing vehicles, where the owner of the vehicle is the host and the person renting the vehicle is the guest. In other words, turo.com is the Airbnb for vehicles. Let’s get started:

APPROPRIATE VEHICLE: Your vehicle must meet the standards set forth by turo.com. as of now, in terms of age, the vehicle must be no more than 10 years old or less than 150,000 miles (whichever comes first). The vehicle should be in a great mechanical and cosmetic condition and with a clean title.

PROPER INSURANCE: The only insurance company in the USA that allows you to host your vehicle on turo.com is Liberty Mutual. You simply purchase a regular personal auto insurance policy. It is a requirement that you purchase the insurance provided by turo.com only during the rental period. If you don’t yet have auto insurance or are insured with a different insurance company, sign up with or switch to Liberty Mutual before you post your vehicle on turo.com.

INSURANCE DURING THE RENTAL PERIOD: The payment is not out of pocket but is deducted as a percentage of the trip price depending on the level of coverage the host chooses. Here is a breakdown of what the host keeps after insurance: premium = 65%, standard = 75% and basic = 85%. For example, if the daily trip charge is $ 100, a host that opts for premium coverage retains $ 65, standard retains $ 75 and basic retains $ 85. I highly recommend premium coverage as it will save the host from lots of trouble if something unexpected happens to the vehicle and/or guest during the rental period. As a host, you certainly retain less with premium coverage, but it will be worth your peace of mind.

IMPROPER INSURANCE: If you host your vehicle on turo.com but have different personal auto insurance with an insurance company other than Liberty Mutual, that insurance company will cancel your policy as soon as they find out that you are hosting your vehicle on turo.com. Also, if you have commercial auto insurance, regardless of the insurance company, coverage is only during the rental period and NOT for any personal use. Again, have your personal auto insurance through Liberty Mutual as it is the only insurance company that has the proper understanding for this type of venture.

VEHICLE TRACKING: Now that your vehicle meets the turo.com set standards and has the proper personal auto insurance through Liberty Mutual, the next step is purchasing a tracking device. The tracking device helps you know where your vehicle is. There are numerous tracking devices but my favorite one is the one plugged into the OBDII access, as this guarantees a continuous power supply. How about the guest pulls that out? If the guest pulls the tracking device out, let turo.com know and they will call the guest to put that back in. The OBDII tracker also checks on the health of the vehicle. As a host, it is your responsibility to make sure that the vehicle is in great condition at all times, and installing this device to perform a secondary function of monitoring the health of the vehicle is the right thing to do.

PHONE MOUNT: Most states are now adopting hands-free when it comes to the use of mobile phones while driving. Most of your guests will have to use their smartphone while driving for maps/directions and/or music. A phone mount allows your guest to rest his/her smartphone in a position that allows him/her to see the screen for directions and other uses as needed. My favorite one is the one that attaches to the dashboard as it has a great grip, is capable of adjusting positions up/down/sideways/ forward/back and leaves the driver’s sight unobstructed.

PHONE CHARGER: It is always wonderful to offer your guest the option to charge his/her phone and other devices while driving so he/she never has to worry about his/her phone running out of battery.

BLUTOOTH AUDIO ADAPTOR: Your guest will be happy connecting his/her smartphone audio to your vehicle stereo system wirelessly. Most newer vehicle stereo systems have built-in Bluetooth, but not all smartphones may be able to connect to your vehicle stereo’s Bluetooth. For devices that fail to connect, there are auxiliary-connected Bluetooth receivers that connect to almost any device that is Bluetooth capable. Besides, some guests may not want to deal with the seemingly technical process of connecting their smartphone to your stereo’s built-in Bluetooth. For such guests, this easy-to-operate aux Bluetooth audio receiver is a great addition:

VEHICLE INSPECTION: It is not required but is recommended that you have your vehicle inspected at least once every year. The inspection must be done by an ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified mechanic. Any ASE certified mechanic in your area can complete the inspection for you. I usually complete my inspections at any MIDAS. Download and use the inspection form provided by turo.com. You just never know when you will need this proof of yearly inspection to prove that your vehicle is in great shape. So, just get it done.

LIST YOUR VEHICLE: At this point, you are ready to list your vehicle on turo.com. You are the boss as you set the price and some terms. Have the following: photos of the vehicle you would like to post, the plate number and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). It takes just a few minutes. It will be great to turn your vehicle into an asset in this way. Your vehicle will then make you money instead of you spending money on it. Liabilities are possessions that one spends money on without returns while assets are possessions one uses to generate income. So, convert your unused or limited-use vehicle from a liability to an asset in this quick and easy way.

OTHER RECOMMENDATIONS: Here are other recommended supplies. To maximize your profits, you should clean your vehicle yourself as much as you can instead of paying someone else to do it for you.

CLEANING SUPPLIES FOR GUEST: It is nice to provide the guest with some cleaning supplies in case of any spills and to keep the vehicle clean if the guest so chooses. Here are some of those:

SNOW AND ICE REMOVAL: If you live in an area that gets snow, you should include the supplies for removing the snow and/ ice off the vehicle. Also, you should include a foldable shovel so the guest can dig the vehicle out in case he/she ever gets stuck in a pile of snow.

FIRST AID: A first aid kit will be handy. Just in case the guest needs to treat a minor injury or cut, he/she should have access to some first aid supplies. Never include any medications, though, as you can’t know what allergies and contraindications each guest has.

TIRE INFLATOR: If you are renting out your vehicle on turo.com, it is assumed to be in a sound mechanical condition. However, little things can happen during the rental period, like a tire getting punctured by a rock or nail and starts to slowly lose pressure. In such circumstances, a tire inflator may be very handy for the guest to pump up the tire so he/she can drive to where the tire can be replaced or fixed or simply to return the vehicle to the host.

OUTSIDE CLEANING: It will be important for you to clean your vehicle’s exterior between uses/ guests. Most of the time the vehicle should need minor cleaning except for when it is too dirty. I suggest you use the waterless cleaning as much as possible to save yourself some money and to increase your profits. From my personal experience, the waterless car wash cleans my vehicle much better than a machine car wash, leaving it with an excellent and lasting shine. Here are the supplies:

INSIDE CLEANING: Again, it is essential that you clean the vehicle before and after every guest-use. Doing it yourself is the best way to go. Here are some supplies you will need to keep the interior of your vehicle looking great:

BASIC TOOLS: Some turo.com hosts like to work on a few things on their own to save money and to increase their profit. If you are one of those, you certainly appreciate possessing some basic tools like these:

I hope you will find the following information very useful. If you already have your vehicle listed on turo.com, keep providing that excellent customer service to attract more guests. If you have an inadequately used vehicle sitting in your garage, driveway or parking lot, turn that vehicle into an asset that makes you money by listing it on turo.com. Let your vehicle earn the money to pay off its loan, insurance and other expenses and make you profit. And who doesn’t like extra cash?

Have a very pleasant experience hosting your vehicle on turo.com.

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