Have you heard any of the following: “flossing is painful; tough bristle tooth brushes hurt my gums; I hate the sound of someone chewing gum all the time; or I hate the taste of mouth wash”? Well, in this article you will discover the new ways of cleaning your mouth and teeth without any painful processes. Your will also find better replacements for chewing gum so you never have to constantly swallow that saliva and make those chewing sounds.

Fill your tooth-brushing/ mouth rinsing cup with lukewarm water or water at a temperature of your preference, add two drops of OraMD and rinse your mouth with the mixture. Apply your favorite toothpaste to a soft bristle toothbrush and brush your teeth and clean your mouth as usual. Remember to use the mixture of lukewarm water and OraMD for any mouth washing and/ rinsing.

Add water of your preferred temperature to your preferred electric water flosser and add two drops of OraMD. Floss your teeth as usual. Use this same process after eating/ meals.

There are certainly times when your breath may go bad for some reason or for no reason. If you work a night shift, you know exactly what I am talking about. Instead of chewing gum and swallowing all that saliva, use the OraMD. In about two to four ounces (60 – 120 ml or 60 -120 cc) of water of any temperature of your preference or as available, add two drops of the OraMD and use this mixture to gargle and thoroughly swish and spit.

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