You may be thinking, “Why should I change my car oil on my own when an oil change at the lube shop is so cheap? When I consider the amount of time it takes me doing it myself, the little savings are not worth it. So, I will simply take my car to the lube shop and have it done in just a few minutes.”
There are new ways and tools for effortlessly completing oil changes on your own. You will still be able to save time and money. Plus, you can take the time to check over your vehicle and perhaps maintain or fix a few minor things. Furthermore, you can take the care to drain out the old oil to the best of your ability and confirm the quality of the oil you put into your engine. And, you won’t have to listen to someone else trying to sell you other products and services when all you need is an oil change.

First, purchase the oil, oil filter and air filter that fit and are recommended for your type of vehicle. You may purchase these from any nearby auto parts store.
Let’s keep it just as simple as it has become: Be sure the parking brake is on. Wear your protective gear on (gloves, eye wear, and knee pads). If you need to raise your vehicle to access the oil filter, you will need ramps. Otherwise, with vehicles that are high enough (like trucks and SUVs), you may not need the ramps. Also, some vehicles have the oil filter on top of the engine making the oil filter even easier accessible.

You will need some towels to wipe any accidental oil or other accidental spills. I like the microfiber towels because they are washable, reusable and can be used for many other vehicle-cleaning purposes.

With this new way, you will no longer have to take out the oil drain bolt to drain the oil. You will now use a pump to drain the old oil. The pump tubing goes straight into where the dip stick goes. Simply take out the dip stick, insert the pump in-tubing until you feel that it can’t go down any further, make sure the pump out-tubing is connected to an oil drain pan, and turn on the pump to pump out all the old oil. This method drains out more oil than the traditional method of removing the oil drain bolt. The traditional method leaves about a quart of that dirty-old oil in your engine while the new method (using the pump) drains out almost all that old oil.

Take the old oil filter off and replace it with the new one. You may need an oil-filter-removal tool to loosen the old oil filter. If the oil filter is on the under side of the engine, wait for all the oil to drain out before putting on the new filter. No tools are needed to replace the new oil filter as it should be hand tightened.

Now that you done draining out the old oil, you are ready to refill your engine with new oil. Take the pump tubing out of the oil dip stick compartment and securely re-insert the dip stick into its compartment. Take the engine oil cap off and use a funnel to refill your engine with the recommended amount of oil. Securely put the engine oil cap back on. Use the oil dip stick to see the oil level. I like my engine oil levels to be somewhere between the minimum and maximum levels. If you realize you put more oil than required, you can drain some out with the pump and re-check the oil level. If you realize you put less oil, use the funnel to add more and re-check the oil level. Now that you have the right amount of oil in, run the engine for about five minutes, shut it off for about 10 minutes and do a final check of the engine oil level.

Now that you are done with the oil change, you might as well check on the pressures of all your tires and pump them up as needed. Here are the tools you will need. Additionally, after witnessing several people stuck in parking lots with unexpected flat tires, I always have this pump and tire pressure gauge in my car.

You will find the following accessories very handy to have in your vehicle as you may really need some or all of them at some point.

Enjoy this newest, quickest, cleanest, and easiest way of completing your vehicle and other engine oil changes.

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