A healthy lawn requires a great lawn mower. With so many kinds of lawn mowers out there, it can be confusing to determine which lawn more is the best for your lawn and other circumstances. This article goes over the pros and cons of the different kinds of lawn mowers, empowering you to make a great choice. Let’s get started:

1. Self-propelled gasoline powered: This is my favorite one for medium sized lawns. You get the exercise in without spending so much energy pushing the lawn mower as it pulls itself forward. Here is one:

2. Push – gasoline powered: The push mower is great for small to medium sized lawns for those who choose to use lawn mowing as an exercise. You may like this one:

3. Electric corded: The electric corded lawn mower is great for someone living with kids/ children. One does not have to worry about storing gasoline to risk children playing with it. Also, this lawn mower is the lightest and lowest maintenance. It is a little bit more time consuming, though, as one must get the cord out of the way at all time. However, once one figures out how to maneuver the cord, the timing can get less and less. To have descent strength, this type of lawn mower should be at least 13AMPs. More so, it will take less time if one purchases one that cuts at least 20 inches. We got one for you:

4. Riding: A riding lawn more is excellent for one that wants to mow the lawn quickly and move on to other things. It is also ideal for large sized lawns. It is certainly more expensive than the first three. How about this one:

5. Zero turn: The zero turn lawn mower is “the top of the line” in lawn mowers. It is the most expensive but has the most luxurious features. It is very ideal for large size lawns. It is the one with all the bells and whistles. You get the work done quickly in lots of comfort. See this one:

6. Battery powered: The battery powered lawn mowers are my least favorite. One has to deal with staying on top of charging the battery. It is hard to find one powerful enough. The grass has to be really short and the lawn quite small to get one of these to work effectively. Here’s one if you really want one of these:

Which is the best of all these lawn mowers? You are certainly the one to make that final call on which lawn mower suits your needs given your lawn size, whether you want to use it as exercise, whether it will be safe given all the people you live with, and how much maintenance you are willing to do on your lawn mower. We hope the information here made your choice much easier. Enjoy your lawn mower.

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