Learning a musical instrument at any age can be so much fun. It enhances a sense of achievement, concentration, self-motivation and discipline. Since both hands are involved, both sides of the brain are involved too, which promotes more refined coordination. It can also improve quality of life by relieving stress. It revives a sense of nostalgia when one learns and plays his/ her favorite older songs. It also boosts the speed of learning other subjects/ lessons.

What are the benefits of learning and playing guitar? Learning and playing guitar improves coordination by involving the hands and eyes. Improvisation stimulates creativity. You can strum and pick away the stress. Learning and mastering new songs, scales, chords and other guitar exercises promotes a sense of achievement. Playing in a band or choir boosts team work and cooperation with others. Being able to set up an effective practice routine teaches children personal motivation, responsibility and accountability.

STARTUP GUITAR: Where should one start? Start by acquiring a guitar for your guitar lessons and practice. You may purchase, rent or borrow the guitar, as long as you have one. If you decide to purchase your own guitar, it is recommended that you don’t purchase an expensive guitar to start out with; you should ‘test the water’ first. Purchase a low priced guitar in excellent condition. After you have learned some and are sure you would like to continue playing guitar, you can then reward yourself with a different and better guitar. I recommend starting out with the classical guitar as its nylon strings are so gentle on the fingers and the spaces between the strings are wide enough to allow you to produce the notes and chords with easy and comfort. Here are two guitars to consider – one is for children while the other is for adults.

OTHER GUITARS: If and when you would like to explore other types of guitars, here are some:

STRINGS: The parts that most guitar players replace the most are the strings. Strings can break any time for some reason or no apparent reason. It is always nice to have a spare set handy at all times. Here are some spare strings:

REPAIR KIT: The repair kit comes in handy during string replacement and performance of any other guitar maintenance. Here is an excellent guitar repair kit:

AMPLIFICATION: If you decided to own an electric guitar of some sort, a portable amplifier will be convenient. Also, wireless sound transmission will save you the trouble of having to deal with the cords. Here is a great portable amplifier and wireless sound transmitters:

STORAGE: For your guitar to last long and to protect it from damage, properly store it away appropriately. You may use a guitar stand or a case. It is recommended to have both the stand and case. The stand is handy to rest the guitar during the short breaks between your practice and/ playing. The case is excellent for storage after playing/ practicing and for transportation.

OTHER ACCESSORIES: Here are some other accessories:

PARTS: If you are considering repairing/ re-conditioning an older guitar, here are some basic parts:

We hope the information in this article was very helpful. Please, comment. We wish you an extremely enjoyable time learning and playing guitar.

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