Ears can get itchy and plugged up for different reasons. An accumulation of more ear wax than needed can indeed reduce one’s hearing ability and create a real sense of plugged up ears. Sometimes the ears can have benign or actual ear infections. At other times the ears get itchy after swimming or even after taking a shower. Sometimes too, sweating can make the ears itchy.

Some have tried to clean their ears with Q-tips or other poking devices and tools. Such may bruise, scratch or irritate the ears even more. Plus, one is not able to reach deep into the ear canal for thorough cleaning.

There is a better way to clean the ears. This method is gentle and thorough. First, you loosen up any wax and then gently flush your ears. Here is how:

Loosening the earwax:
You will need to apply some type of ear wax loosening solution to loosen up and make it much easier to flush out the ear wax. Here are our top recommendations:

Flushing the ears:
Now that the earwax is loose, it is time to flush out the excess earwax. While using this ear-cleansing system, use just enough pressure to flush without causing pain or harm to the ear and/ ear drum. Use lukewarm water.

Extra deposable tips: And if you will ever need some extra disposable tips, here they are:

Using the kits or method above will greatly ease your ear cleaning and save you time and money. Instead of expensively having your ears cleaned for you at the clinic, hospital or urgent care, you can now do it yourself at home, any time you need to.

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