It is always wonderful to ride in a clean vehicle. Keeping your vehicle clean can be very simple. Your family and friends will certainly appreciate riding in a clean vehicle. It is recommended to clean your vehicle every about 10 – 15 days and as needed. Here is the simplest way to clean your vehicle. This way does not require any water, which means it can be done anywhere and at any time.

PROTECTION: Since you will be dealing with chemicals, it is important that you protect yourself. Protect your body from absorbing any of the chemicals through your eyes, nose, mouth and skin. You will need gloves, glasses and a mask. And if you need more height to reach the higher parts of the vehicle, a step ladder will be quite handy.

ENGINE BAY: Using a dry microfiber towel, wipe dust off the inner side of the hood and as many parts of the engine and engine bay as you can access. Then spray an exterior quick detailer on to a clean microfiber towel and wipe the same areas to restore some shine.

EXTERIOR: With a microfiber towel, and working from top to bottom, wipe the entire exterior with a dry microfiber towel to remove as much loose dust as possible. Working on an area of 2-3 square feet at time and from top to bottom, mist on the exterior quick detailer and thoroughly wipe it off with a microfiber towel. Do this to the entire exterior including the wheels and tires. Work on the tires and wheels last.

WINDOWS AND GLASS: Spray a tint-safe invisible glass cleaner onto the glass and/or window and thoroughly wipe off with a microfiber towel. Work on one glass/window at a time. The movement should be up down and side-to-side or vice versa. Do this on the outside and inside of each window.

INTERIOR: Declutter the interior by removing all garbage and items that don’t necessarily have to be in the vehicle. Remove all floor mats. Thoroughly vacuum. If needed, dust all venting and buttons using a soft bristle detailing brush. If there are any stains or spills, spray an all-purpose cleaner on to a microfiber towel and clean thorough or as much as you can. Spray the interior cleaner and detailer on to a microfiber towel and clean all surfaces including the dashboard, center console, glove compartment, door panels, seats brake and accelerator pedals, and all corners and pockets as needed. For leather seats and all other leather surfaces, apply dots of a 3-in-1 leather cleaner and conditioner to an applicator pad and wipe thoroughly. Spray the all-purpose cleaner on to a microfiber towel and thoroughly clean all doorjams including the trunk doorjams. Make sure the trunk is decluttered and thoroughly cleaned too. Clean the floor mats by either vacuuming or wiping cleaning with the microfiber towel and all-purpose cleaner. Return the clean floor mats to the vehicle.

DEODORIZING: Now that your vehicle is all clean, it is time to give it that fresh and great smell. With all the doors and windows closed, turn the air conditioning system on to full blast and in air recirculation mode. Spray an air freshener of your choice under the front beyond where the feet rest. The air conditioning system will them pick up the air freshener and recirculate it into the entire vehicle.

ENJOY your nice and clean vehicle.

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