It can be puzzling to figure out which gift is suitable for your friend or family’s baby shower or newborn considering the ocean of possibilities out there. Are you also wondering which items to include on your baby registry? This article diminishes the confusion by offering universal and excellent gift ideas that will fit any baby shower or newborn-gift situation regardless of the baby’s gender and parents’ preferences. Here are very high quality and excellently priced gifts:

DIAPERS AND WIPES: Every baby needs these, and so, you can never go wrong if and when you offer these for a gift. If you are setting up your registry, have these on there as you will almost never have enough of them. It is excellent to complete the set with an odor-locking diaper pail that uses any type of garbage bag.

CAR SEAT: This is the only legal and safe way for babies to travel in any vehicle. I wonder if there is even a hospital that will let any parent(s) take the child out of the hospital without a car seat. I am sure any parent will appreciate a car seat as a gift prior to the birth of that precious baby. An additional cover will ensure the baby is kept warm in the cold weather.

KEEPING THE BABY WARM: The swaddle and hat will help keep the baby warm. The traditional swaddle blankets take a lot of practice and skill to do them right. The swaddles listed here require almost no training or experience; they are so straight forward that anyone can properly wrap that baby the right way on the first try.

CRIB & BASSINET: Obviously, the baby will need somewhere to stay. A multipurpose crib that has the options of a changing table and storage cabinets, and one that can be reset to suit the needs of the growing child, come in very handy. A foldable bassinet is excellent for you as you can move it to any room in the house and bring it along on your trips.

MONITORING THE BABY: There are always other things to do around the house/home/apartment requiring the parent to move away from the baby. With an excellent baby monitor, the parent can keep a close eye on the baby’s activities while they finish other tasks.

BATH: That baby will have to be bathed just about a few times every week. A portable tub and skin care products come in very handy.

TEMPERATURE: Most physicians will inform you that a temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit in any baby is a medical emergency for which appropriate action must be taken immediately. A thermometer is the only device that can check that temperature when the need arises. Here is one:

FORMULA OR BREAST FEEDING? Whether you are doing one or both, here are some supplies: pumps, formula and bottles.

WALKS: It is healthy for the parents and the baby to get out of the house for some fresh air and may be exercise for the parent. A stroller is essential here. Also, with the child’s doctors visits or other office visits, you can simply get a stroller designed to carry the infant car seat.

FLASHLIGHT: In the middle of the night, you may find it necessary to check on the baby without turning on the bright lights or using your cellphone. This will the perfect situation to use a flashlight.

Diytoptalks hopes you will find this list comprehensive and very helpful. Enjoy.

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